The course allows the participant to develop his/her understanding of Hispanic culture and language in order to develop stronger and more meaningful relationships with clients and co-workers who originate from Spain, Mexico, South and Central America. While the emphasis of the course will be placed on understanding cultural differences, ample opportunities will be given to learn important vocabulary and phrases in order to develop conversational skills in Spanish, which pertain to both business settings and personal interactions. Consideration will be given to developing the skills necessary in order to travel in Spanish speaking countries.
Course Expectations: It expected that all students will have fun! Participate in class discussions – in Spanish or English (¡por supuesto!) as much as possible. Learning a new language and culture is always an adventure, and making errors is expected. Be patient with yourself. Our main objective is to enjoy ourselves and learn something about Hispanic culture and the Spanish language.

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Deputy Treasurers - Elective
Treasurers - Elective
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