Commissioner of the Revenue Overview

Who runs the certification programs?

Certification programs are a joint venture between the Cooper Center and the local official organizations.

Where can I find program requirements and descriptions?

The program descriptions and requirements, while similar in purpose, do vary among the organizations. Complete details for each program including purpose, content, eligibility, requirements, procedures, and regulations are not found on this site. Please search the specific organization's web site for exact requirements.

Sites and resources with specific requirements

 Resource  Link
 Commissioner of the Revenue Career Development Page  Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia
 Commissioners of the Revenue/Deputies Certification Program   Application Form
 Commissioners of the Revenue/Deputies Certification Program   Enrollment Form
 Commissioners of The Revenue Career Development Program   Handbook

What do the programs consist of?

Each certification program has two components, taking and passing required courses, and earning necessary “points” through participation in association events. These elements are described on the relevant web site as they vary among the organizations.

Who handles record keeping of my progress?

Administration and record keeping for all aspects of the programs are provided by the Cooper Center. Information gets posted to individual transcripts in the following manner: 

  • Course grades are usually posted within ten days of the exam.
  • Attendance at regularly scheduled events--district meeting, annual meeting, etc, --is normally posted within two weeks of the event.
  • For events outside of scope of the Cooper Center, records are updated when the information gets to the Cooper Center.

For a specific inquiry please reach out to Beth Bennett directly through her contact information below: 

 Beth Bennett